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Ives CPE (Conductive Plastic Electrode)

Conductive Plastic Electrodes are reusable, composed of silver-silver/chloride impregnated plastic, with an adapter and harness, which permits quick, reliable, error-free disconnection and reconnection of the patient from the EEG machine. These electrodes are ideal for ICU and other long-term monitoring applications and are CT Imaging Friendly™

The harness matches the electrode array.  This connects the EEG electrodes to the head-box of any EEG machine via individual “touch-proof” connectors.  Thus the patient can be disconnected from the recording apparatus via the small mass connectors and then reconnected upon returning.  Since the patient’s electrode connectors are colour coded the disconnection/reconnection can be handled by nursing staff and not require the presence of an EEG technologist.

**Special order and requires longer lead-time.