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Nonin Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Nonin Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Quality Sensors

All pulse oximeters use red and infrared light to measure SpO2 levels. Nonin PureLight® sensor technology uses high quality LEDs and a calibrated receptor to eliminate interference from secondary frequencies.

Low Perfusion Filter

The removal of noise artifact is crucial for an oximeter to accurately assess SpO2 in low perfusion. PureSAT® signal processing technology uses powerful filtering to remove noise from weak or low perfusion signals, providing reliable and accurate readings.

True Pulse Detection

PureSAT signal processing locates the true pulse in motion and low perfusion. This eliminates false readings or alarms due to patient motion, reducing the time required to obtain a reliable measurement.

Smart Averaging

Intelligent, automatic averaging helps users save time in fast-paced care environments. PureSAT technology uses a smart algorithm that automatically adjusts for three second averaging or faster.