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Leadwires, Stimulators, & Laryngeal

Epidural Spinal Electrode

For recording D-waves during motor EP monitoring. Has three platinum contacts.  121cm/48" ribbon cable terminates in 1.5mm touchproof connectors. 16 gauge Tuohy needle and internal stylet are included.  Individually sterile packaged. 

Single patient use only.

Dragonfly® Laryngeal Surface Electrode

For continuous monitoring of the recurrent laryngeal branch of the Vagus nerve during surgery. Place on a standard adult endotracheal tube (not included) and the blue location markers on the electrode help confirm correct placement in the larynx. Box of 5.

Small fits ET Tubes 6.0-7.5mm

Large fits ET Tubes 8.0-9.5mm

Not sterile.      Single patient use only.      Not for EMT use.

subdural strip electrodes

Subdural Strip Electrode and Cable

Use for cortical mapping, cortical stimulation and electrocorticography test procedures. These 1x4 and 1x6 electrode strips have numbered platinum contact discs with 10mm spacing in a flexible silastic body. Individually sterile packaged. Single patient use only. 

Cable is 1.8m/6' long with 1.5mm touchproof connectors. Cable is reusable and sold separately. ETO gas sterilize.

The 1 piece Strip Electrodes all have a 1.8m attached cable, and have Ø6mm Platinum contacts with 10mm spacing.  The complete assembly is dispsable.

Clip-On Lead Wire

Clip-On style lead wire has a 1.5mm touch-proof connector and a right angle plunger tip that is ideal for clipping onto instruments and probes up to 1/4" in diameter, allowing stimulation without removing the tool.  Sold in 10 pack boxes and 150 packs boxes. 

Single patient use only.

Neurovision Cobra ET Tube Electrodes

The Neurovision Cobra 3-Plate EMG Endotracheal Tube is a patented technology, large atraumatic electrodes, universal compatibility, hermetically sealed connection, standard ET Tube and designed for precise placement.  The Cobra 3-Plate tubes are robust electrodes that have been designed for impedance optimization and durability.  Electrode geometry creates universal compatibility with single or multi-channel systems.  The high volume, low pressure cuff maintains the on the trachea.  Color coded wires use a standard DIN and can identify the lateral vs. posterior electrode.  Hermetically sealed wire connections protect from fluids to maintain a secure connection.  

Three sizes available: 6mm, 7mm & 8mm, each box contains 5 ET Tubes.