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Disposable Cup Electrodes

EEG Disposable Cup Electrodes

These disposable cup electrodes are ideally suited for use with the BraiNet electrode template in the neuro ICU, emergency department or other critical care environment.  Single patient use only.

Disposable EEG cu electrodes Cadwell

Cadwell Disposable EEG Cup Electrodes

Cadwell's disposable EEG Cup Electrodes are single use, silver / silver chloride EEG electrodes designed to provide low impedance in routine and long term EEG studies, reduce patient infection, and are conveniently packaged with 10, 15, 25, and 27 multi-colored leads per pack.

Options include:
- 10 mm SHALLOW cups
- 10 mm DEEP cups
- 6 mm DEEP cups

Spes Medica Disposable MR/CT EEG Cup Electrodes

The Spes Medica Disposable MR/CT EEG Cup Electrodes are intended to be left in place during MR imaging at 1.5T and 3T, as well as during CT scanning. The MR/CT Connection Cable must be disconnected from the electrodes before scanning and MUST remain disconnected throughout the entire MR/CT scan. EEG or EP should not be recorded during the entire MRI or CT scan. Color-coded connectors enable quick disconnection and reconnection of the electrodes, eliminating the need to completely remove electrodes from the patient's skin when the patient goes in for an MRI or CT scan. These electrodes must be used with their dedicated connection cable, which is included.