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ApneaTrak™ Effort Belt Straps

ApneaTrak™ Adult Effort Belt Straps are available in four sizes: 30-inch, 45-inch, 60-inch and 75-inch.  Perfect Fit™ Pediatric Effort Belt Straps are available in three sizes: 15-inch, 25-inch, and 35-inch. Low-profile buckles connect straps to our Perfect Fit™ Effort Belt Sensors. Velcro tabs keep the strap ends securely in place. Perfect Fit™ Effort Belt Straps are completely immersible and can be machine washed, reducing the chance of cross-contamination.

*Please call for ApneaTrak system Carry Cases, Part #198272-000*

ApneaTrak™ Reusable Effort Belt Straps SKU's. About this grid.
SKU DescriptionQtySku NumberQtyYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Belt Strap, Adult Lg, 45" 2/pk1 Pk203006-050
Belt Strap, Adult XL, 60" 2/pk1 Pk203006-060
Belt Strap, Adult XXL, 75" 2/pk1 Pk203006-070
Belt Strap, Infant, 15" 2/pk1 Pk203006-010
Belt Strap, Ped, 25" 2/pk1 Pk203006-020
Belt Strap, Ped XL, 35" 2/pk1 Pk203006-030
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